The Campaign for Care of Older Australians Group is made up of the peak bodies and faith-based national service providers of residential and community aged care currently serving the overwhelming majority of older Australians needing care and support beauticians brimbank.

A new vision for older Australians.


Older Australians should have the dignity of being able to choose the kind of place they want to live in and its location, and have access to affordable care when needed.

But with chronic under-funding of community and residential aged care, much needs to be done to ensure that Australians can look forward to aged care services being there when they need them.

The Grand Plan is a way for all of us to help ensure that they are.

By getting behind The Grand Plan you will lend your voice to the call for an increase in support and funding that Australia’s rapidly ageing population needs.

With your support we can show politicians that Australians are behind The Grand Plan to ensure:

Aged care is provided when it is needed, rather than rationed;

The system is easy to navigate and lets older people and their families have genuine choices of service types and providers; and

The way we pay for aged care meets the actual cost of the care provided.


Think about someone grand in your life – you want the very best for them, don’t you?

So become a Grand Fan and support The Grand Plan for the care of Australia’s grand people.

If we all speak up, the Government has to listen. Let’s let them know it’s on for young and old.

You can become a Grand Fan ­in 2 ways:

We’ll send a card or email to your favourite Grand person and simultaneously send a email to their local MP

Send an email to the Federal Minister and Shadow Minister responsible for Health & Ageing and add your name to the call.

All just with a couple of clicks.

To find out more about what we think, click here and read The Grand Plan Policy.